School Governors



At Gibside the Head Teacher manages the school on a daily basis, however, it is the governors, as a corporate body, who are legally responsible for the school and who work together to make decisions which are in the best interest of the children.  We are accountable to parents, the local community, and the local education authority for the performance of the school. We have three core functions:

  • to ensure strategic direction and delivery of the vision and ethos of the school
  • to challenge the Head Teacher ensuring accountability for the quality of provision and the academic performance of the school and staff
  • to oversee the financial performance of the school and to ensure school’s money used effectively in the best interest of the children


We work with the Head Teacher and staff to:

  • Ensure the aims and policies of the school, following  statutory guidance and  monitoring their effectiveness
  • Contribute to the School Improvement Plan and monitor progress
  • Appoint & support staff
  • Prepare and set the budget and monitor the school finances

In practice this works by following the direction and the examples set by the Head Teacher and the Senior Leadership Team, with responsibility lying with the governors to challenge and seek clarity surrounding decisions.

Our full governing body meetings take place at least once a term. We also have specific committees which meet regularly and/or as required monitoring the curriculum, staffing, finance, health and safety, pupil behaviour and safeguarding. All our Governors  have specialisms and interests that support the decisions made and influence the role they play in the Governing Body.   We also spend time in school monitoring the value of education, supporting whole school events and joining in celebrations.


There are four categories of governor:

  • Co-opted – 9 x co-opted governors who are appointed by the governing body and all of whom must have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school
  • Parent – 2 x parent governors who are elected by the parents
  • Staff – 1 x staff governor who is elected by the school staff
  • Local Authority – 1 x local authority governor appointed by the Governing Body (nominated by the LA)

All governors apart from the Head teacher serve a 4-year term, but they can be nominated or elected again when their term expires


Parents are welcome to contact any of us. You will see some of us – the parent and staff governors in particular – more often than others in and around the school. However, each of us is committed to the well-being of the children, staff and school, and we frequently work behind the scenes.

Parents are welcome to contact any of us by contacting the school or via the school website.


For the curious, and for anyone who might be interested in serving as a school governor, here is some idea of the scale of commitment. The Full Governing Body meets three times a year, once each term. There is often an additional meeting to agree a budget for the following year, and additional committee meetings as required.  All governors serve on at least one committee and many serve on more than one.  All governors also attend a full Governors day in school, observing, monitoring and focusing on the direction of the school to support the Head Teacher in maintaining and outstanding school. Governors are encouraged to attend events such as the performances, assemblies, parents evenings, charity events and the annual Summer Fayre, which are always a pleasure!

There are other ways to volunteer of course: the Friends of Gibsde School (FOGS) is another huge support to the school and provides opportunities for parents to help in so many ways.

We are always eager to fill vacancies on the Governing Body with those who not only have the school’s best interests in mind but those who may be able to bring specific skills to our team, ensuring breadth of vision and expertise.

Key Documents for 20-21

Governing body membership_20-21

Committee membership_20-21

Governing body meeting attendance_20-21

Committee meeting attendance_20-21

Gibside – Register of Interest 20-21

List of present School Governors;

  • Miss E Aitkin-Fell, Co-opted Governor – Term of Office Expiry; 31.08.23
  • Mrs C Holley, Co-opted Governor – Term of Office Expiry; 31.08.23
  • Mrs J McAndrew (Vice-Chair) LA Governor – Term of Office Expiry; 31.08.23
  • Mr D Mitchell (Chair), Co-opted Governor – Term of Office Expiry; 31.08.23
  • Mr B A Periera, Co-opted Governor – Term of Office Expiry; 31.08.23
  • Mrs A Smith (Vice-Chair), Co-opted Governor – Term of Office Expiry; 31.08.23
  • Ms P Gilbert, Co-opted Governor – Term of Office Expiry; 06.03.20
  • Mrs E Buckley, Parent Governor – Term of Office Expiry; 04.06.23
  • Mrs L Coxon; Co-opted Governor – Term of Office Expiry; 15.03.24
  • Mrs J Ackinclose; Parent Governor – Term of Office Expiry; 23.01.24
  • Ms S Flinders; Co-opted Governor – Term of Office Expiry; 11.07.25
  • Mrs A Timmins, Staff Governor – Term of Office Expiry; 13.11.22
  • Mrs Sarah Johnson, Associate Governor – Term of Office Expiry; 20.11.22

List of past School Governors;

  • Mrs G Moffat, Co-opted Governor – Resignation date; 16.11.21
  • Miss A Fearon, Associate Governor – Term of Office Expiry; 01.09.21
  • Mrs A Green, Co-opted Governor – Term of Office Expiry; 12.03.19
  • Mrs J Allen, Parent Governor – Term of Office Expired; 31.01.20
  • Mr M Breadner, Parent Governor – Resignation date; 26.03.19
  • Miss S M Dalby, Co-opted Governor – Resignation date; 14.10.18
  • Mr C Miller, Staff Governor – Term of Office Expired; 16.09.18
  • Mrs M A Chapman, Co-opted Governor – Resignation date; 28.11.16
  • Mrs C Parkinson, Parent Governor – Resignation date; 30.11.16
  • Mrs J Kendrick, Staff Governor – Term of Office Expired; 15.09.16
  • Mrs C White, Parent Governor – Resignation date; 14.01.15
  • Mrs J Greenslade, Staff Governor – Resignation date; 09.12.15
  • Mrs J Katzenstein, Parent Governor – Resignation date; 31.08.15



Brian Pereira

Co-opted Governor

Cynthia Holley

Co-opted Governor

David Mitchell

Chair of Governors

Emily Aitken-Fell

Co-opted Governor

Emily Buckley

Parent Governor

Jane Ackinclose

Parent Governor

Joyce McAndrew

LA Governor

Leanne Coxon

Co-opted Governor

Mandy Smith

Co-opted Governor

Pat Gilbert

Co-opted Governor


School Business Manager